CCA Add Ms 127 and 129

Identification of printed binding fragments from the CCA/Add-Ms series at Canterbury Cathedral Archives

Add Ms 127, 128 and 129 have fragments from bindings and similar imperfect items. The online catalogue entry for CCA Add Ms 127 states:

These were found as flyleaves or covers of business books for church courts from the 1560s to 1580s. These books were probably supplied ready bound by local stationers who would have got their binding leaves from the unwanted books of the Cathedral priory or St Augustine's libraries. Later service books are perhaps more likely to have come from local churches than the monasteries. When the bindings were extracted, no record was kept of which volumes they came from. Not all the fragments may have been bindings; 9, 10, 13 are probably bits of books that might have escaped total destruction.

The majority of the fragments are from manuscripts and are recorded in Neil Ker, Medieval manuscripts in British Libraries. The following identifications  have been made for four fifteenth-century printed books printed in 1478, 1488 and 1499 (three not previously identified) and five early-sixteenth-century English books of 1508, c. 1510, c. 1520, and 1521 (four from editions not previously recorded). There are a number of fragments still to be investigated.

See: 'Binding fragment discoveries in Canterbury Cathedral Archives', Cathedral Libraries and Archives Association Newsletter, Winter 2013, 5–6. [Download PDF]

Add Ms 127/27: 'Word list, printed, 8pp, 16c.'

John Stanbridge, Vocabula, c. 1510? 4°.
Two copies of sheet b from a quarto vocabulary, in Latin and English, from a binding.
Not yet identified in STC.
Not identifiable on EEBO where all the editions have uppercase signatures.
[photos: b1r, b1v, b2r, b2v, b3r, b3v, b4r, b4v; second copy of b1r]

Add Ms 127/28: 'Liber equivocorum, 31pp. C. 1500'  Wrongly identified.

Robertus de Euremodio,  Cato moralissimus. Deventer, Jakob von Breda, 16 December, 1499 
Camp 414; IDL 1191; ILC 543; HC 4727; Polain, Belgique 1044; Holtrop BRH I 396a; ISTC ic00302300; GW 06297.
Three copies recorded: Brussels, BR. Giessen UB. The Hague, KB.

38 and 39 lines/page. Types: 71Rot (Hellinga 7C) and 100T (Hellinga 8).

Verified from the copy in the
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague (KW 171 G 80: digitised).
A commentary on the Disticha Catonis.
A single leaf (E8) from a binding, with text starting ‘Vnde nouus Cato’.
[photos: recto, verso]

Add Ms 127/29: Liber equivocorum, Julian Notary, 1508

John of Garland, Liber equivocorum, London, Julian Notary, 11 August, 1508, 4°.
Not in STC (STC 11606 is an edition of 3 May 1508 printed by Richard Pynson).
30 leaves from a binding, sigs CC4 to II6.

Colophon: Impressum per egregium Iulianum Notarium Impressorem commorante extra Temple barre sub Intersignio sanctorum Trium regum Anno domini milesimo. CCCCC. Octauo xi. die Augusti.  [photo]
Printer’s device on verso.   [photo]

 Add Ms 127/30: Synonima Ysidori, Antwerp, Nicholas Leeu, 1488, 4pp.

Jacobus de Gruytrode. Colloquium peccatoris et crucifixi Jesu Christi. Add: Engelbertus Cultrificis: De beatitudine claustrali. Isidorus Hispalensis: Dialogus sive Synonyma de homine et ratione.
Antwerp: Claes Leeu, 17 May 1488. 4°.
ISTC ij00057000;BMC IX 198; GW M10677.
Four leaves only (c1-c4).

Colophon on final leaf: Expliciunt synonima Ysidori de homine & ratione cum Colloquio peccatoris & crucifixi Impressa Antwerpie p[er] me Nicholaum leeu. Anno domini MCCCC.lxxxviij. xvj kalendas junij.  [photo]

Add Ms 127/31: Jaspar Laet, Pronostycacyon, 1521. 12pp.

Fragments from pasteboard binding; from three different prognostications for 1520 and 1521.

Item 1 (92T): f.1r: <C-pilcrow> The pronostycacyon of mayster Iaspar Laet doctoure in | medycyne practised in the towne of Antwarpe on the yere of | our lorde. M.CCCCC.xxi. dylygently ouersene, and truely | translated out of Latyn in to Englyshe. | [woodcut of armillary sphere, 100 x 72 mm (not in Hodnett) with three border pieces to left, right and below]; f1v: The prologue.; ff. 2.3 missing; f4r: ‘thunder and rayne. <C-pilcrow> In July.’; f4v ends with In December: ‘| ix. hou. xx. my. colde ? frost & in some places snowe, ? chauge |’; nothing further surviving.

London: [R.Pynson?, 1521?], 4°.

No editions for Laet's Prognostication of 1521 recorded in STC.

Item 2 (74T): f5r (B1?): ‘| darke wether ...’; on verso ‘| <C-pilcrow> Of sikenes & diseasys which seme to | regne this yere. |’; f. 6r signed ‘B.ij.’; on f. 8v (B4v): ‘...eth the prognostication of maist Adriã doctor of phi|... Imprynted by Richard pynson print|... ?uilege vnto hym grauted by our sayd | ... kynge that none other ?sume to print the | ... vnder penalte as is cõteyned in a pla-|... by our said redouted souerayn vnto his forsaid prin|... due seruice and certayne other consyderacion.

Possibly STC406.7: Adrian [Velthoven], The p[ro]nostication of maister Adrian. For 1520. [London: R. Pynson], 4°.
Title page in Henry E. Huntington Library; conjugate (A4?) in Bodleian Library.
Bosanquet, 'Notes on further addenda to  English Printed Almanacks and Prognostications to 1600', The Library, (1937) s4-XVIII (1): 39-66, Aa.I.

Item 3 (93T): f9r: ‘<Pronosti>catio ma<g>istri Iasp. Laet ... | ... .M.CCCCC.xxi. In famoso ... | ... Antwerpiensi practicata. |’; f14v: ‘| <C-pilcrow> Hec iudicia anni presentis ex fo...e astronomie collecta | inclinationis siue dispositionis et non necessitatis | vim habent. | <C-pilcrow> Imprynted at London without Newegate in saynt Pulkers | parysshe by Iohñ Skot. | [woodcut tailband, 22 x 108 mm, with central shield with initials ‘I S’ (McKerrow 51)].
London: John Skot, 1521, 4°. 4 leaves, badly damaged.

Not in STC.

Add Ms 127/32: ‘Pamphlet of Pynson, R. 1499. Promptuarium Parvulorum. In Latin. Printed. 2pp.

Wrongly catalogued: the Pynson Promptuarium in fact Add Ms 127/34 below.

Paulus a S. Maria, Scrutinium, Mainz, Peter Schoeffer, 7 January 1478, folio.
ISTC ip00205000; GW M29976.
ff. 194 and 201 in the Darmstadt digitised copy
Theological dialogue between Magister And Discipulus.

[photos: 1r, 1v, 2r, 2v]

Add Ms 127/33: Liber metaphysice, c. 1500. 2pp

German or Italian 1470s? 
[photos: 1r, 1v, 2r]

Add Ms 127/34: ‘Dictionary, c. 1500, 4pp’

[This is the item catalogued as Add Ms 127/32]

Galfridus Anglicus, Promptorium puerorum, sive Medulla grammaticae, [London]: Richard Pynson, for Fredericus de Egmondt and Petrus, 'post Pascha', 15 May 1499. Folio.
STC (2nd ed.), 20434; Duff, 352; ISTC ip01011000; GW 10483.
8pp, leaves d2-d5 (d5 torn, lacking second column = Add Ms 129/6 below).

Checked against the digitised copy from Huntington Library on EEBO.  
[photos: b2r, b2v, b3v]

Add Ms 127/35: Ephemerides for 1508, 2pp

Stoeffler, Johannes and Jacob Pflaum, Almanach nova in annos 1499-1531. Ulm: Johann Reger, 13 Feb. 1499. 4°
ISTC is00791000; GW M44051; BMC II 542; digitised copy at BSB (images 348 and 374).
Two conjugate leaves for 1508, December.

[photos: 1r, 2r]

Add Ms 127/36: Sermons, c. 1500, 1p

[photos: recto, verso]

Add Ms 127/37: Bible, c. 1500. 1p.


Add Ms 129/6: Dictionary. 1500-1550. Latin/English , printed, 2pp

 Strip of paper probably used to strength a binding or pastedown. Part of the outer edge of sheet d5 from Add Ms 127/34 above (Galfridus Anglicus, Promptorium puerorum, London, 1499).

Add Ms 129/42: Service book. 1500x1600. Latin, 4pp

 Two separate printed fragments, probably from dilapidated books; in English.

S3 and conjugate from a folio black-letter Book of Common Prayer, with roman headings and initials with surrounding type ornaments, extra large lowercase ‘w’:
S3v: collect and epistle for Saint Barnabas the Apostle; conjugate for Saint John Baptist.

H2 and conjugate? From an unidentified edition of The whole booke of Psalmes (Sternhold and Hopkins, two-columns, black-letter), folio. On col. 1:[Psalm 89:] Sing this as the 84. Psalm. | TO sing the mercies of the Lord | my tongue shall never spare: | And with my mouth from age to age | thy  truth I will declare.
on verso of next leaf (roman): Dominus regnavit. Psal. Xcvii. J. H. | David exhortheth all to rejoice for the coming of the King-|dom of Christ. ... | Sing this as the 8. Psalm. | [black letter:] The Lord doth reign, whereat the earth | ...

Add Ms 129/43: Theological treatise. 1500x1600. Latin. 4pp

Joannes Duns Scotus, Quaestiones in quartum librum Sententiarum Petri Lombardi.
Paris, Gering Crantz, Friburger, [1474-75]. ISTC id00376000; GW 9083.
Two pieces from the pastedown of a bound book, with evidence of a pattern of impression of an English? blind-stamped binding.  f. 230 (separate top half and bottom half).

Add Ms 129/51: 'Christiani matrimonio institution, Erasmus, 1526c. Froben. 1p.'

Desiderius Erasmus, Christiani matrimonii institutio, Basel, J. Froben, 1526.
Half of an octavo sheet with signatures u4 and u5 (checked against digitised copy at Ghent UB, colophon: Basileae apud Iohannem Frobenium. Mense Augusto. An. M. D. XXVI.)

Add Ms 129/68: Service book. 1500x1600. Latin. 2 fragments.

Two fragments of lining strips from a binding, from the same book.
From a canon law text and commentary on the Corpus iuris canonici, Gregory XIII, Book I, Tit. XXIX, ‘De officio et potestate iudicis delegati’, Cap. XI.
French?, c. 1500?